Giant Rigid Boxes From the Taylor Box Company

If you’ve been looking for large rigid boxes for your next project, we’ve got some great news for you. We’re happy to announce our new line of giant rigid boxes. These boxes are 40% larger than any previously available rigid set-up box on the market.

Taylor Box CEO, Dan Shedd with one of their Giant Rigid Boxes

Taylor Box CEO Dan Shedd with a giant rigid box

Our giant boxes are made possible by our new Emmeci 2012MEB machine that was installed earlier this May. The machine is capable of making rigid boxes that are 11.7 inches deep, 27.50 inches long, and 16.75 inches wide. The 2012MEB can also create mini rigid boxes that can be as short as 1.50 inches, skinny as 1.125 inches, and shallow as 0.375 inches.

Below are just some of the many box styles that the Emmeci 2012MEB  is capable of producing:

Ballotin Boxes from the Taylor Box Company

Ballotin Boxes

Parallelogram Boxes

Parallelogram Boxes


Trapezoidal Boxes by the Taylor Box Company

Trapezoidal Boxes


Frustrum Boxes by the Taylor Box Company

Frustrum Boxes


Sloped Boxes by the Taylor Box Company

Sloped Boxes


T-Wrap Slipcases from the Taylor Box Company

T-Wrap Slipcases

Our giant rigid boxes are perfect for luxury retailers, cosmetic manufacturers, as well as the advertising and publishing industries.

Want to learn more about our giant rigid boxes? Contact our project manager Julianne at  1.800.304.6361 or via email at

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